About Us

One Time Labs was founded on May 14, 2020, by father and son duo, Ike Sr. and Ike Jr., along with their family friend Max. The COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak in New York and New Jersey. With an FDA registered factory that made high-quality hand sanitizer, we had a product that could help fight COVID-19. We wanted to get it "on" the hands of people who need it.

We did a survey of hand sanitizers. Immediately, we noticed that using a pump was unsanitary. It leaves you with questions like, who used that pump before me? Did they cough and then touch the pump? When was the last time that pump was cleaned for germs?

Many hand sanitizers are extremely low quality. They smell like rubbing or drinking alcohol. They drain all the moisture from your hands or leave them feeling dry and cracked — not ours. 

We also discovered that several non-brand name hand sanitizers are being sold for $1.99 and up. This price is cost prohibitive for lower income communities.


The One Time Labs benefits

  • Sanitary distribution via One Time Use packaging
  • High Quality hand sanitizer gel
  • Affordable


Pumps, wipes and bottles are not sanitary. OT's are used once then disposed of

The quality of our hand sanitizer gel speaks for itself. Contact us for samples (bulk orders only).

The price for a single OT is $0.50. This price makes OT's affordable for all.